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Bet First Class, Lay104, Lines2BET

Location: San Jose, Costa Rica screen
Website: (Closed 2012) LAY104.COM (Closed 2011) LINES2BET.COM (Closed 2012)
Rating: BFC (offline), Lay104 (offline), Lines2Bet (offline)


In Depth: Bet First Class is the mother ship, so to speak, of this gaming company located in Escazu, an offshoot area of San Jose CR. Bet First Class is also owner of Lines2Bet, and organization they took over from another company in November 2009. Lay104 is also owned by BetFirstClass. As of April 2012, both Lay104 and Lines2Bet are offline.


April 6, 2012  Lay104 and Lines2Bet Sportsbooks Extinct.

Both sportsbooks, who were once a part of BetFirstClass (Rating D-), no longer online. Lines2Bet is a dead link and Lay104 resolves to an ip address private agent log in type website, also linked from (unrated). BetFirstClass is still online but we have had no feedback in quite sometime about this operation.

February 18, 2011  BetFirstClass Group Defaults on Money Owed.

Today we are downgrading the Betfirstclass group to D- Rating. This stems from a result of the new ownership and management not paying their debt to this company ( In early 2009, management from Sportsbook Advisor helped the ownership of BetFirstClass establish Lay104, a reduced juice sportsbook. We helped broker the deal between investors as well as new agents we brought on board. Rest of Story

November 1, 2010 Sportsbook Advisor Attends West Wing Casino Launch. On Tuesday through Thursday (October 19-22) I visited and stayed at the White House/West Wing Resort and Casino in Escazu, Costa Rica. I was the lone representative from Sportsbook Advisor to be present at the launch of the Casino and resort under the new ownership team… FULL STORY and PICS

September 18, 2010 BetFirstClass and Sister Books Upgrade. It has been sometime now since these sportsbooks hit a rough patch in their short and successful history online. New ownership and management that took over in February have really solidified and the company is working on all cylinders. We are upgrading BFC to C Rating and the two sister sites Lay104 and Lines2Bet to C-.

August 2, 2010 BetFirstClass Upgrade. BFC has been under new management since February and has proven that they are still a viable option for online wagers. The payout speeds and customer service are good. They have been upgraded to C- .

May 27, 2010  BetFirstClass (Rating D+) Update. Sources report that any and all customers of BFC have been paid in full and there are no outstanding slowpays. BFC and sister books were recently taken over by a new group and operations moved to new building.

April 20, 2010 BetFirstClass, Lines2Bet, and Lay104 Problems. Live chat hasn’t worked in weeks for these sites. Also, the odds pages on Lay104 display errors for every result. This is showing obvious neglect from the new management/ownership group of parent company BetFirstClass. BFC and it’s sister books are all downgraded to D+ as a result. Stay tuned.

April 2, 2010  BetFirstClass Group Acquired by New Ownership . BFC and it’s sister entities Lay104, and Lines2Bet have been acquired by start up company owned by… MORE about BFC Buyout

February 22, 2010  BFC Group (lines2bet, lay104, Betfirstclass) institutes a 14 day waiting period after incoming Book2Book transfers to prevent “passing through”, a practice of transferring funds to a sportsbook that handles payouts better and faster and then requesting a payout immediately. The BFC family of sites are notorious for their same day and super fast payouts.

February 14, 2010 Owner of BetFirstClass Detained on Old Tax Charges (12:24 pm ET). BetFirstClass, Lines2Bet, and Lay104 have been downgraded upon news that owner has been arrested on charges relating from 2004-05 tax evasion. Sources at the book say it won’t affect anything and it will be business as usual. Note: (2:29 pm EST) – Just spoke to “Judge” at BFC and he says business as usual and as of now, owner has been detained but not charged.

December 22, 2009  BetFirstClass (Rating B+) Launches New Design. New site design launched this week at The new design will soon be incorporated into the original url as well.

December 12, 2009  Sportsbook Advisor and BetFirstClass Team Up to Help 247 Victims. As our readers may know, a sportsbook called closed it’s doors last month and shut off their site leaving players and their balances flailing in the wind.  Sportsbook Advisor was contacted by ripped off players of the defunct sportsbook about their options.  SA contacted to see if they could help.  BFC agreed to offer these players a free account with their sportsbook… MORE

June 29, 2009 BetFirstClass Upgraded to B Rating following visit by Sportsbook Advisor. The Sportsbook Advisor team took up Bet First Class on their offer to come see their facilities in San Jose, Costa Rica. Andy and myself boarded the plane and within hours landed in beautiful Costa Rica.  Not long after we met with BFC manager Mike at his home, a beautiful…. MORE About BetFirstClass Tour and Photos.

May 18, 2009  BetFirstClass now offering incoming/outgoing transfers with BetCris (SA Rating B+). The amounts are $500 minimum and $20K max. Book to book transfers give players options. $25 fee applies. BetFirstClass has been upgraded to C+.

May 10, 2009 Bet First Class Fully Reviewed . After a few prompting emails from readers today, we fully review BFC and disclose every bit of info we have: Bet First Class is showing up everywhere with great offers and clients telling of fast payouts.  This has all been happening in the last year or so. When BFC first arrived… MORE on BETFIRSTCLASS

May 9, 2009 BetFirstClass Upgraded to C. Steadily moving up in ratings as we confirm quick payouts and good customer service.

April 21, 2009 BetFirstClass (Rating D-) Upgraded to D+. This book is showing up in forums as having successful same day payouts. We have taken note and will track it’s accomplishments.

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