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Does a Lower Price Actually Save You Money?

July 23, 2020
Running a pay per head

Money and numbers are a big part of the equation once you decide to be a part of the sports betting world. There are many different aspects to take in consideration when you’re thinking of running your own sportsbook and, of course, initial and sustained investment is always one of the major questions and worries for anyone who is taking their first steps in this industry.

Pay per Head has come to be the best possible solution for any bookie in the world who wants to give this a try and get their very own piece of the pie. Why? Because with this method, and professional and experienced operators like, initial investment will be the least of your worries.

Before, a few years ago, opening up your own sportsbook operation would mean probably hundreds of thousands of dollars up front just to get going. Office space, equipment, personnel, software, licenses, marketing and many other things would blow up your monthly bill and it would become very difficult for a normal person to have this kind of money and risk it all in this adventure. However, nowadays things are very different and with the help of Price per Head all you really need to start your bookie business is a few hundred dollars.

How does Price per Head work and why does it help me save money?

With Price per Head all you need to pay is a very small weekly fee per active customer, and this will give you access to a whole sports betting company that will be at your disposal. Everything we mentioned before and more, is included in this fee. What do we mean by small? Well, in the case of, we’re talking about $10 or less per player, this means that If you’re bringing 50 players and out of those, 35 were active during the week, then all you need to pay is $350 for your entire operational cost that week; as simple as that!

With Price per Head there are no hidden fees or commissions, your earnings go to your pockets and you settle directly with your players, all we do is give you our service.

So, Price per Head does actually save me money?

Of course, the answer is a big yes! Everything we do is aimed to help you run a better business and make better decisions for your operation. Forget about big investments and spending your savings just to be able to stay afloat, with us you will finally be able to live the bookie life you’ve been dreaming of, enjoy your games, have some time off and be a successful business owner on top.

Pay per Head is the fastest growing industry in sports betting, and you want to be a part of it! Give us a call today and let’s talk about your needs and options, we have what you need and we’re happy to help. With baseball and basketball restart just around the corner, plus the new NFL season getting closer, this is the best time for you to give this a try.