How to Use PPH on Your Sportsbook

January 16, 2021
PPH sportsbook

A great resource for bookmakers is a Pay per Head (PPH) sportsbook that provides various beneficial services. The pph sportsbook has the benefit of a well maintained, customizable software platform. For a beginner or experienced bookmaker, it gives customers the same look and feel as the top online sportsbooks.

With the explosion in sports betting stemming from Nevada’s virtual monopoly getting struck down, opportunities exist for entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Even for those that have been in the bookmaking business for some time, there are ways to streamline their operation.

One of the great advantages of the pph sportsbook is the relatively low cost. The bookmaker only pays a fee for players that are active during the billing period. There are no commissions or hidden costs passed on to the bookmaker.

Wagering is available on a full range of sporting events. This includes NFL and college football, NBA and college basketball, Major League Baseball, international soccer leagues, UFC/MMA, golf, tennis, motor sports, hockey, boxing and many more.

Platform Flexibility

No one knows their own customers better than the bookmakers. They’re familiar with betting patterns, favorite teams and the types of wagers they are most comfortable with. With a pph sportsbook, the bookmaker has the ability to adjust lines and featured events for particular customers.

It gives the bookmaker the ability to reward loyalty by throwing customers occasional attractive odds or lines. If the bookmaker doesn’t want to make that many changes to the platform, they can just offer their customers the standard sportsbook offering.

Even without customization, the software platforms are robust and offer great wagering options for customers. The bookmaker can focus on developing business and fostering relationships without worrying about developing their own method of tracking bets.

Accounting and Reporting

One of the most time consuming and difficult tasks for a bookmaker is keeping track of bets and collecting from customers. Using a pph sportsbook gives the bookmaker a service that interfaces with the customer. Establishing and funding accounts is quick and easy, with seamless financial transactions.

The bookmaker can use the reporting functions to make better decisions on their business instead of developing spreadsheets. Basically outsourcing the sportsbook functions to a pph sportsbook for a fee is a smart business decision.

Mobile Interface

Bookmaking is a volume business and relies on customers making frequent wagers. Expanding the options for wagering results in more bets and higher revenue for the operator. Using a pph sportsbook affords access to technology that is cost prohibitive for an independent bookmaker to develop.

Not only does the mobile interface create more wagering options, it gives the bookmaker added credibility as an operator. The ability to provide customers state of the art technology gives them a comfort level with the legitimacy of their bookie.

Not only does the pph sportsbook provide the mobile application, they also keep it up to date and ensure that it stays current. The bookmaker doesn’t need to spend any time on technological issues, just the core tasks that are critical to the business.

Live In Game Wagering

A great way to expand wagering options is to offer live in game betting. No longer is wagering limited to the time before the action begins. Increasing the betting handles adds to revenue for bookmakers, so choosing a pph sportsbook platform that includes live wagering is critical.

It’s still an emerging piece of the wagering market, but could represent significant growth for the industry. Bookmakers that can be a part of the segment stand to benefit greatly from the inclusion.

Other Gaming Options

PPH sportsbooks also offer racebooks and casino gambling options. Bookmakers can significantly increase the frequency of wagering if they choose to take on the added risk. With the robust platform supplied by the pph sportsbook, it gives the bookmaker the ability to determine which customers have access to any additional betting options.

Instant Account Setup

Establishing accounts for the bookmaker and their customers is fast and easy. Once the bookie has an account, they have access to the platform to customize it for their own use. All that’s left to do is to add customers and let them begin their wagering activity.

For bookmakers, using a PPH sportsbook is definitely the way to go.

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