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English Premier League | Why You Must Appeal to Soccer Bettors

July 12, 2021
Tips and Tricks to Being an Effective Bookie

The English Premier League consists of  20-teams, along with some of the best professional soccer in the entire world. If you are appealing to a soccer bettor, then you must offer the Premier League. Not only will this open the doors for earning money, but it will also open the doors to player loyalty. You MUST have soccer players. These gamblers are a special breed of people and they will spend small fortunes if they think the price is right.

The trick to this game is offering a sportsbook that features a user interface that is built for soccer, the sharpest soccer lines and odds, and a menu that’s well organized and easy to read. Your website must present itself well and it must feature dedicated pages to soccer and in this case the English Premier League. Make it a priority to stand out among the crowd. You are one of the thousands of online bookies that are trying to keep the attention of its players; how are you going to be different? 


Do Your Due Diligence—

  • This may sound like a soapbox, a tirade, and a massive lecture, but soak it up, you will thank us later. You MUST find an online presence for your sportsbook business, and you must do it now. Stop delaying, stop making excuses and start earning what you are worth as a bookmaker. You should be earning six figures annually, if you are not, then please listen to us and get online today. 
  • Find an online platform that specializes in soccer betting. You must find experienced line movers and oddsmakers. Do not trust just anybody with this task and whatever you do, do not do this yourself. Look, we all think we know the gambling business and many of us indeed do, but don’t fool yourself, and certainly don’t make excuses to save pennies. Find a great pay per head provider that offers you a fantastic gaming website and one that comes loaded with years of experience in the line moving business. 
  • The best pay per head outfits on the internet are charging around $7-$15 per head, per week for unlimited gambling in the sportsbook, the casino, as well as in the racebook. They will build you a custom gaming website that features a real-working, .com address, and they will have it operational in a day or two. 

Keep Your Clients:

  • You are nothing without your clients and you need them to bet every day. You want them to bet with you and you only, nobody else, no other bookie. You must have their undivided attention. This is a hard and difficult task, and we know that you have your work cut out for you, but we also know something else; give your clients what they want, and they won’t leave you. 
  • They want 24/7 gaming, they want every sport known to man (not just soccer), and they want the sharpest lines and odds. They also want tons of betting options. They want to bet on sports, but they want betting options, and they are willing to leave you to find those options if they have to. Don’t allow them to leave, give them a reason to believe that you will always deliver the goods. 
  • Players that bet on soccer usually bet on all of the major leagues, not just the ‘English Premier’. They want it all when it comes to soccer because they believe they are better than you, they believe they will consistently beat you. There will be times when they beat you and you need this. You can have clients do nothing but lose or they lose heart and find a new bookmaker. They are superstitious, just as blackjack players are. 

As a local bookie, your hands are tied and there is little to offer your clients. It’s time to get out of the old and into the new with a top-notch, state-of-the-art sportsbook, racebook, and casino. It’s time to find a bookmaking platform and gaming provider that will deliver the best of the best when it comes to soccer and leagues such as the English Premier League. Call the PPH today and start seeing a difference tomorrow. 

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