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September 23, 2021
Pay Per Head

Setting up a bookmaking business is not that difficult, making money is not that difficult if you play your cards right, it’s the little things that can be a hassle and plague you to death. You must stop going this alone and you must find a fantastic pay per head to help you make money online with your business a success. Sports gambling has taken off over the last few years and that’s the understatement of a lifetime. Sports gambling is no longer just a hobby, or a pastime, it’s a way of life with tens of thousands of bettors around the world. The bettors think they can beat the bookie and they have a lot of help. In this modern day of information overload, a bettor can find just about any kind of advice needed to beat you. As a bookie you must concentrate on player management and budgeting. Here are a few solid tips for making money as a bookie. 


  • Without a support system you will never grow. You must break the mold and stop trying to be all things to all people, by yourself. You can be all things to all people with a pay per head. 


  • Job number one is budgeting. You must set a budget for your business and you must never go over it. Bookies are asked for credit all of the time and you must make that credit decision based on how well you know the player, this doesn’t mean you break your budget. You can give credit (not advised ever) and stay on budget by limiting your players wagering amounts. The pay per head can help you set limits. 


  • Job number two is marketing/recruiting. It’s no secret that you must have players in order to experience any kind of success. You must have players because you must have the cross action, they bring to the betting table. Bookies make their money off the juice and with no cross action it’s very difficult to make a living. You are gambling one-on-one, without cross action. 


  • Reporting: The job of a bookie is never easy; you will wear many hats and you had better be prepared to be a multi-tasker. You will no doubt have folks calling you all day and all night long in the pursuit of getting that one last bet in. Folks think bookies never sleep; and they’re right! This bookie gig is fun, but not always a piece of cake. It can be downright brutal and there will be many times when you need help. There will be times when you need a hired office staff but don’t feel that you can afford one. Now you can! The pay per head is your office staff, they do everything for you, and you can dial up player and accounting reports 24/7-on demand. 


  • Lines/Odds: This is not an easy job. As a bookie you must rely on either your own odds and lines or follow Vegas or the offshore “superbooks”. The problem for small bookies is this – a half a line here and a half a line there, can destroy you. You must know how to adjust your lines and set the odds accordingly. Never fear, the pay per head will do this job as well. They will set the daily lines/odds and have your events posted the night before or weeks in advance-depending on the event.


Bookies are challenged every day by their very own clients. Your clients are your best friend; however, they treat you as if you’re worst enemies. They want to beat you every chance they get, and they will go broke trying, hopefully they go broke playing against you. You must have as many clients as possible and you must be recruiting on a daily basis. As we talked above, cross action is king. In order for the player to stay ahead of you they must be winning 52-54% of the time just to beat the juice make money online. This is a difficult task for most of your average sports gamblers. The pay per head industry has literally automated this betting process and you no longer have to do anything. The fee is nominal and the best PPH providers usually charge between $10-$15 per head. Find a white label pay per head and start making a six-figure income today. 


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