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October 26, 2021
PPH sports agent

In this day and age of in your face sports, the best you can hope for is fantastic support from your online pay per head provider. You MUST have it, or your business is dead in the water. There are umpteen pay per head providers that have cropped up over the past few years and some of them are great, however, some of them offer no support on any level and they will leave you hanging when it comes to customer service for both you, and your clients. Give your clients options. They want to bet on every sport known to man!


  • Bookies across the United States are looking to take the bull by the horns and get in on the money windfall. Online gambling is bigger and better than ever before and there is one reason for this; the Pay Per Head industry. 


  • A generation of gamblers still likes the old school, corner bookies and there is nothing wrong with that, however, the next generation is already here, and they demand gambling on the go. 


  • They want access to it 24/7 and they want to gamble on their time, not the bookies. Now you can give them exactly what they are asking for with the use of a top-notch, white label, Pay Per Head. 


  • A Pay Per Head is an online sportsbook operated with software designed for bookies. It’s an all-inclusive gambling site that offers a state-of-the-art sportsbook, racebook, and casino. 


  • It’s a turnkey ready site that comes with an exclusive .com address for the use of the bookie and their clients. 


  • The Pay Per Head or better known as the (PPH) performs the functions of a street bookie but with much better accuracy. What the bookies get is a software program that is operated through the use of a desktop or mobile app. 


  • The bookie does not have to be a programmer or have the ability to write code. There will be no site-building and there are no computer skills needed other than the ability to power on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. All the bookie needs to do is point and click. Everything else is done through an automated program. 


  • Receiving Bets: The client will log into his account and place their wagers online or over the phone by calling an 800 number that’s accessible from the United States. 


  • The bookie is responsible for receiving deposits in one manner or another (the PPH will help with this as well) they are fully experienced in the best deposit methods and they can help in this regard. 


  • They will not accept payment for the bookie but will do everything to help the bookie set up a great way to receive payments. The bookie can also receive cash, just as they have been doing on the street. 


  • The PPH grades all bet slips at the end of the event and makes the appropriate account adjustments. They also balance the books at the end of the day. The bookie will always know where and how every dollar came in and when every dollar went out. 


  • Now, the bookie will have the ability to keep track of their players betting habits with the use of on-demand reports that are available for free at any time. No more guessing and no more being taken advantage of by players. 


  • The bookie will have a fantastic racebook that offers only the best tracks from around the world and that pays track odds. There isn’t a more loyal bettor than a horse bettor. You need them and you must have them. 


  • The casino is another asset that you can’t live without as a bookmaker. When times are tough in the sportsbook, you can count on the casino as a moneymaker. 


The only way to keep your clients happy is by giving them what they want. |If you give it, they will give it back. Players want to bet on every sport under the sun and you had better come loaded for bear. If you do not, then they will find another online sportsbook that is. Be prepared with a great pay per head they won’t cost you a fortune but one that offers fantastic customer service and one that offers tons of wagering options. Call the PPH today and get started for free.