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Longshot NBA Parlay Pays Off Huge

March 17, 2016

Recently, a man named Detrick from Georgia placed a ten team NBA parlay wager risking $50. The bet was placed at online top sportsbook Well the bet cashed for him and the payout was a staggering $39,889.62!

A parlay is anytime you combine more than one bet together to receive an exponential payout. A classic parlay only pays off if there are no losing legs in said parlay. If you push any leg of the parlay, the parlay simply constricts to a lower payout parlay and that tie does not hurt or help you. There are a myriad of “forgiveness parlays” that allow you to lose a leg and still payout but the odds are ridiculously not worth it.

Here are the Bovada payout odds:

Parlay Size Payouts
2-Team 2.645/1
3-Team 5.958/1
4-Team 12.283/1
5-Team 24.359/1
6-Team 47.413/1
7-Team 91.424/1
8-Team 175.446/1
9-Team 335.852/1
10-Team 642.082/1
11-Team 1226.701/1
12-Team 2342.793/1