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Seattle vs Arizona Public Betting Numbers

November 9, 2017
TNF behind the numbers

After chatting with the book managers are several large sportsbooks today, it is apparent that Seattle is taking in most of the money and most of the tickets for tonight’s NFL game. One book has 65% tickets and money on Seattle and another has 75% / 74% (tickets/money).

For your players who bet ATS (against the spread) this seems to match much of the criteria for doing so: 1) Well publicized 2) Major league sport 3) Primetime 4) Lopsided action on money and tickets. But this is one of those games that doesn’t necessarily work because the shake up at QB on Arizona. Handicappers and linemakers are still trying to figure this team out.

Arizona has made a habit out of beating bad teams and then losing by a big number to good teams. At 5-3 and having won 4 of their last 5 games, Seattle is considered a good team. Head to head in the last ten games Seattle has the edge straight up at 5-4-1 and against the spread at 6-4.

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