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Sportsbook Payout Assistance

It’s hard enough to win consistently at sports betting without having to worry about getting paid when you win. You deposited your hard-earned money into the sportsbook and you won. Now, its time to get paid. But you find yourself running into roadblocks. There is no more frustrating feeling in the world of sports betting.

SBA’s Payout Resolution Service

Our primary goal is to provide free top notch sports betting information such as insider tips and picks. But we also vet and rate online sportsbooks. We list the best sportsbooks online on our recommended sportsbooks page and the very worst on our sportsbook blacklist. But, we also offer a service where we will contact a sportsbook on your behalf to help settle a dispute. If you think a bet was graded incorrectly or you are having a hard time getting paid, we can help.

We have successfully help settle hundreds of disputes in the many years we have been online. Sometimes, it takes a third party to help move things along or another set of eyes to help a person understand the situation. Whatever the case may be, we are here to help.

Fill Out Our Contact Form

Before you contact us with a no-pay/slow-pay complaint, please make sure the following conditions have been met:

  1. You’ve completed your rollover.
  2. You’ve contacted customer service.
  3. You’ve asked for a manager if regular customer service hasn’t been able to help.
  4. You’ve met your KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. This is ID and contact info.
  5. You collect as much information about your situation you can, including screenshots.
  6. You record the best contact information to help expedite the process from our end.

We should basically be your last option.

How We Can Help

  1. We will contact the sportsbook saying that you have given us permission to speak on your behalf.
  2. We will ask the sportsbook for their opinion on what the problem is.
  3. We will make a determination and try to fill in whatever gaps need filling to facilitate a payout.
  4. We will publish our findings and if need be, post a negative rating if the sportsbook is in the wrong and they refuse to pay you.

Basically, it will cost a business much more money in lost business over time than if they had just paid you the few grand they owe you. The internet is forever and so are bad reviews.

If you have made it this far and desire our help please click here to fill out the contact form.


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