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World Series Winner Odds Update

Scott Morris | May 22, 2012

If you read the last article on this site, you read how you can make futures bets profitable. I used baseball as an example. Right now on Intertops, you can place the bets on teams to win the World Series. Here are some of the odds on teams you might be interested in:

Texas is the favorite at 5.50. So a $10.00 bet on Texas to win the World Series right now will pay you $55.00 should they win it. Interesting that the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay, neither of who is leading the AL East, are next at 9.0. So a $10.00 on the Rays or Yanks would pay $90.00. St. Louis, last year’s champions, are 17.00. So is their former slugging star Albert Pujols’ new team, the Angels. I would have thought they would be higher considering the awful record they have and also the great record Texas has. The Angels will have a very tough time just making the playoffs.

I mentioned Miami in the previous article as a team I like. They are at 23.00. Cleveland, who leads the AL Central, checks in at 34.00. That one is tempting. Another tempting one is Baltimore, the leaders of the AL East at 41.00. They are the largest underdog in the AL East despite leading the division. They have pitching depth and power on their team so I don’t see them going away. Washington is 17.00. I don’t understand the rationale behind Washington at 17.00 and Baltimore at 41.00. Both teams are young. Neither knows the pressures of a pennant race. Both are accustomed to finishing last. So why is one at 17 and the other 41? And Baltimore beat Washington two of three this past weekend, at Washington.

Here are a couple of sleepers for you. The White Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers, both at 67.00. Chicago is 21-21 and second in the AL Central. Milwaukee is 17-24, but only 5 games out in the NL Central. Both have some guys who have been through the pennant races and made the playoffs. Why not risk $10 on them to win $670.00?

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