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Early Lines on Super Bowl Winners available on Wager Web

Scott Morris | June 1, 2012

NFL Futures 2012-2013Who will win the Super Bowl this season? Who knows? If you think you have a good idea you can go to Wager Web and put a bet down on it. Here are the early odds.

The Green Bay Packers are the preseason favorites at +600. This means a $100.00 bet would win you $600.00 if Green bay wins it all. The New England Patriots follow closely behind at +650. The defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants are +1800, so a $100 be on them could win you $1800.00.

Here are some odds I find interesting. First, why not put a Ben Franklin on the largest underdog? They’ve been known to win it all before. In 1982, the San Francisco 49ers faced the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl. Both teams were coming off last place finished the season before. Why couldn’t that happen this season?

How about a Sunshine State match up between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at +10000 and the Jacksonville Jaguars at +15000. $100.00 on the Bucs would pay off at $10,000.00 and the Jaguars would pay off at $15,000.00. Don’t like the Jags? How about the Indianapolis Colts? You can get the same +15000 as the Jaguars.

The Cleveland Browns are at +16500. So that is $16,500.00 on a $100.00 bet if they win the Super Bowl.

I like to also pick a team that I wouldn’t be surprised if they win it all and get some good odds to. Teams like the New York Jets at +3000 are interesting. That’s a nice #3000.00 pay day on a $100.00 bet. With Tim Tebow putting a fire under Mark Sanchez, who knows?

I also like the Atlanta Falcons at +2600. The Falcons are a scary team when they put it all together.

Here are some I’d stay away from. The Miami Dolphins at +4000. Based on what exactly? They will probably start a rookie quarterback. If I’m going with a team with a rookie starting at QB I can go with the Washington Redskins at +5500 or the aforementioned Colts. I can get a lot higher draft pick too with Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III than I can with Tanneyhill from Miami.

I also don’t like the odds on the Denver Broncos at +1200. I know Peyton Manning is a legend, but he still missed an entire season, he’s getting used to new teammates, and last but not least, he’s old. Look at other Hall of Fame QB’s that went to other teams late in their career. Favre, Montana, Namath, Unitas, etc. Not a Super Bowl among them. I suppose you could throw Kurt Warner in there. At least he did get his Cardinals to the Super Bowl. And they did nearly win the game. But +1200, still too low in my opinion.

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