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Intertops Euro 2012 Football Odds

June 4, 2012

If you are a European Football fan, Intertops has the odds for every team in the Euro 2012 Tournament.

Intertops Sportsbook

One thing I like about the list is they have everyone listed in order from the favorite (Spain at 3.50) to the largest underdog (Denmark  at 81.00). The odds are also easy to understand too. A 3.50 means if you bet $1,000.00 you win $3,500.00 if you win. So a $1,000.00 on Denmark and they pull off a miracle, you win $81,000.00. That’ll help get you through a recession.

Let’s look at some of the teams and their odds.

England- 13.00 England is going through a rash of injuries. They might be a bad risk.

Poland- 41.00 Poland and Ukraine are hosting the tournament.

Ukraine- 41.00 Is home advantage worth placing a wager on?

Germany- 4.00 If you don’t like going with the favorite, this might be a good bet for you.

France- 10.00 When you think great athletes, somehow you never think France. Maybe they are better than their odds?

Italy- 15.00 Probably the best odds you’ll get on a legit contender.

Russia- 21.00 Or maybe this one is

Ireland- 67.00 That would be a nice payday. $1,000.00 on Ireland could buy you a nice fishing boat.

You can really increase your money if you can pick both of the finalists.

The favorites are the Spain/Germany at 8.00.

Netherlands/Germany is at 9.00

Netherlands/Spain is 13.00 I like this match-up. One would think both of the favorites won’t make the finals.

England/Spain 17.00 Again, watch for the injuries with England.

England/Germany 21.00 The thing is, England doesn’t have to win, they just have to get there.

Croatia/France Just think if that one actually paid off on a $1,000.00 bet…

Keep checking the site as the games get closer for odds on the individual games and also some futures and props. If the regular season European Leagues were any indication, this should be very exciting stuff.

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