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BCS National Championship Odds

Scott Morris | June 8, 2012

It’s summer time people. School is out for the summer. Time to hit the beaches or the lake or whatever. It’s also time for the annual rite of summer…counting down the days until football season. If you want to get a bet down now on who will win the BCS National Championship in 2012, here is the place to do that.

William Hill Sportsbook

I find it interesting that USC is the favorite at +350. USC isn’t in the SEC. At least not the ones called the Trojans. Don’t these oddsmakers know only the SEC wins these things?

LSU is second at +450.

Alabama is third at +600. I think I’d rather see USC win it than those guys win it again.

Oregon is tied for fourth with Oklahoma at +1200. Florida State is next at +1800. Really? When’s the last time they made a decent run? But every year they are “back”. Don’t fall for it.

Then comes Arkansas at +2200. So if you can pick out this year’s national champion and it’s not one of the top six teams, you stand to bank some pocket change. A $100.00 bet on the seventh team pays you $2,200.00. Let’s see some of the odds on the teams nobody would be shocked to see win it all.

South Carolina is +4000. They have a national championship winning coach. And a $100.00 bet on them pays off at $4,000.00. And they fit the SEC requirement.

Florida is +5000. A program loaded with talent, would it really shock anyone if they won?

Boise State is +8000. One of these years they are going to break through. It could be this year.

Teams to stay away from:

Georgia at +2200. Talk about the “Team that Cried Wolf”. We’ve been hearing this song for years now. How about “We Won;t Get Fooled Again”?

Michigan at +2500. Not quite sold on Michigan. They improved a lot last season but they aren’t quite ready yet.

Clemson at +3300. Did you watch their bowl game last year? What do you think would happen if they had a championship riding on it?

Let the arguments begin. College football season is the best time of year.


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