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2013 NBA Championship Odds

Scott Morris | June 23, 2012

Heat Favored to win it all again in 2013

“Even though throughout the whole season the Heat were one of our biggest winners in our future positions unfortunately for us we lost it all back to the bettors on the series price as the Heat opened as +145 underdogs over OKC and in turn in all 5 games the majority of the public money came in on Miami.  Was not the best result for us.  Still a lot to decide in free agency but there is no question that the Heat are once again overwhelming favorites to repeat.”

-Kevin Bradley


Odds to win 2013 NBA Championship 

Miami Heat                    11/4

Oklahoma City Thunder  5/1

Chicago Bulls                6/1

Los Angeles Lakers       10/1

San Antonio Spurs         10/1

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Dallas Mavericks            14/1

Los Angeles Clippers     18/1

Indiana Pacers               20/1

Boston Celtics               25/1

Memphis Grizzlies         25/1

Orlando Magic               30/1

New York Knicks           35/1

Philadelphia 76ers          40/1

Atlanta Hawks               50/1

Houston Rockets           50/1

Portland Trailblazers       50/1

Utah Jazz                      50/1

Phoenix Suns                75/1

Golden State Warriors    75/1

Milwaukee Bucks           75/1

Minnesota Timberwolves 75/1

Cleveland Cavaliers        100/1

Brooklyn Nets                100/1

New Orleans Hornets     100/1

Sacramento Kings         100/1

Toronto Raptors             150/1

Washington Wizards      150/1

Charlotte Bobcats          200/1

Detroit Pistons               200/1

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