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Betfair Client Turns $70 into $32,838 With Bold 469-1 Odds Bet

Scott Morris | July 23, 2012

With a four shot lead and only four holes remaining, Adam Scott was a heavy favorite and his money line odds were bouncing between -4000 and -7000 to win the British Open.  Tiger Woods had faded and one of the golfers still in the hunt was the old venerable Ernie Els.  A bold customer at BetFair (Rating B-) saw the 469-1 odds for Ernie Els and pounced. He placed a bet equaling $70 USD on Els to win at 469-1 odds.
An hour later that bet had cashed. Before the final round, Els told reporters that he felt “something special” might happen today. Well, something special did indeed happen today. For Ernie Els. And for the smart Betfair customer who found extremely valuable odds on Els and turned 70 bucks into enough money to buy a new car.

More about BetFair:
BetFair is a large British owned betting company which operates out of the Island nation of Malta. They started officially in 1998 when Bert Black thought to start a betting exchange, which works in much the same way as a stock exchange in that clients set the price of a bet by the amount of action on either side.

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