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Our Sportsbook Assistance Program is Effective and Free

July 24, 2012

Every week we are contacted by people that are having trouble with their current sportsbook.  Usually by the time they have contacted us they are in a bad spot.  The number one complaint is that the customer requested money and that some time has gone by and they have yet to see the payout. Although we are NOT a sportsbook and do not offer any type of bets here at, we do offer a free Sportsbook Assistance program.  We will contact your sportsbook to act as a mediator and try to gently nudge the problem along. Sometimes an unbiased third party can really help with the situation. We do not guarantee results from this service but we do guarantee that we will try our best to help.
Recently we received an email feedback from a person that we were assisting:

“Hey Brad, how are you?
I just wanted to let you know that as of today I finally got my funds from sportsbetting. It took almost 3 full months, however since they were bought out they have been great to deal with. They have responded to each and every question within 48 hours and their customer service has been on the ball. Their lines have gotten better too. I really like the direction they’re going in, so I’ll stick around a while longer…….at least for the mean time. I’ll see how competitive their lines are during football season.
Thanks for all your help, and keep up the great work with the site! J——-”

our response:

“Hi there,

Thanks for the follow up. We are glad that you received your funds and all is well. I would consider getting into one of our recommended sportsbooks so that we may act as a direct liaison for you if any problem ever arises.
thank you,
Site Manager