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Beware of “F” Rated Sportsbooks Like WSEX

August 7, 2012

This time of year plenty of juicy looking offers from sportsbooks appear in your inbox. As tempting as they are you must do your research before sending your hard earned money to these places. Luckily, sites like Sportsbook Advisor have done the research for you.

One we have seen this week is from an old familiar face in the sportsbook world. WSEX (World Sports Exchange) started as a reputable sports betting exchange much like industry leader Betfair.  Over time they began to falter and have landed in the “rip off sportsbook” category. We have a special page devoted to sportsbooks like this called the “Sportsbook blacklist“. Here is the latest offer from WSEX copied below. We suggest you beware of scammers and check back to our site often and visit the sportsbook reviews.

WSEX Bogus Offer