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Sportsbook Account Safety Alert

August 12, 2012

Choosing a reputable sports book with good security is a smart idea. Read the reviews we do and one of the things we cover is security. But even though you do your homework that doesn’t mean you are guaranteed not to have a problem. There are some really smart hackers out there looking for a quick score. And what better place to attack than a gambling website? That’s almost like attacking a bank.

The best way to make it even tougher on them is to change your password often. Write them down somewhere, don’t just store it on your computer. They can’t hack your desk drawer.

Another tip is to make withdrawals often. There’s no reason to keep more money in your account than you are gambling with either. If you typically wager $100.00 or less per game, then why have $10,000 in your account there for someone to steal? If you think you see a sure thing, you can always make a quick deposit, then place your bet, win your money and then pull it back out again.

Here is a horror stories you may want to read:

“My account got hacked today for 2400.. 2400.15 was transferred from sportsbook to poker in 3 transfers.. Came home logged on to poker and went straight to a 5-10 NL obviously he was in the middle of a hand with 600 left i quickly transferred back to my Sportsbook and change my pw.. Already filed a complaint. F— BOL”

Another thing you want to do is try to make your password as difficult as possible. Use some letters, numbers and symbols in there if possible.

It also looks like if all you do is sports betting, you may want to check with your book and see if you can disable casino betting on your account. Apparently some of these hackers don’t just take your money and run. They pose as you and play poker or black jack. We’re not sure how or if they win and were able to transfer money into their own bank accounts, but if they are good enough, they’ll probably figure out a way. So be careful, be suspicious, and use your common sense. Also remember, these hackers are hacking into your account and stealing your passwords. So don’t automatically blame the Sports Book.

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