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Huge Betting Line Makes Main Stream News

Scott Morris | September 7, 2012

As most of you probably know by now there is a monster line on the board this weekend. Florida State is 70.5 point favorites to visiting Savannah State. The line is so unprecedented that main stream media has taken notice and the story has made it’s rounds on ESPN’s PTI (Pardon the Interruption) as well as the Yahoo! homepage news feed.

Last week Savannah State played No. 17 ranked Oklahoma State and was routed 84-0. What was the line on that game? It was 65.5! So if you took Oklahoma State -65.5 you won and covered easily! Why is this madness permitted to continue? Money. It’s always about the money. The big schools get to beat up on the small school and use them for practice dummys.  Savannah State gets the biggest payout in their program’s history. For these first two blowouts, Savannah State is collecting almost $1 million. That is 1/5 of their entire athletic budget for every sport combined for the entire year. So, Savannah State football is really “taking one for the team”. But in reality they are taking two for the teamS (plural).

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