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BetOnline Payouts

September 10, 2012

Last week we were contacted by a customer of saying that he was having a hard time withdrawing his funds. He was trying to get $3500 from his account balance. If this were a year ago I would have had to tell that player he may be out of luck because was an outfit that typically was hit or miss when it came to pay outs. That was before they were bought out by BetOnline (SBA Rating B).

BetOnline is a solid company and we have had a good relationship with them since day one. I knew that they have been playing catch up since the merger and trying to get all withdrawals paid out.  Sportsbook Advisor reached out to our contact at BetOnline and informed him of the situation. He was able to get the problem resolved and the player paid out in a timely manner.

Every week we are able to help players with payouts. SBA has been online since 2007 and our staff has been in the industry since 1997.

Currently BetOnline is rated B at and is rated C. Once the merger settles and all players are paid we will consider for a rating upgrade to match that of it’s parent company.

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