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Beware of Pull Through Marketing Scam

September 28, 2012

The following case has been brought to our attention by some readers. They were sent an email by an agent of that said they just had a free $100 deposited into their account. And that they should Log in now to claim it. The problem is that the people receiving this email never signed up with this sportsbook to begin with. Furthermore, the name they used was from another sportsbook or forum that must have sold them this information.

One of the email recipients went to the website just to test it out. Of course they didn’t know the password because they never signed up and conveniently in that same email is a message that says “forgot your password, call to retrieve it”. This is a pull through scam. It is like a cold call but in reverse. They give you enough information to prompt you to call them at which time they will try to talk you into a deposit.

The offender in this case is which was a questionable at best sportsbook, being affiliated with past long time scammers Apex.  We are bringing into the ratings guide at D-. See offending email below: