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Presidential Odds Post Debate

Scott Morris | October 4, 2012

Sportsbook Advisor typically stays away from non sports related odds stories but with one of the most talked about debates in history happening last night we had to explain the current odds and the shift that has occurred after the debate last night. Some sportsbooks had Obama as much as 4/1 favorites to win the election going into last night. Those same sportsbooks have been bet all the way down to 3/1 after the debate which many say Mitt Romney won.  Here is an interview with a sportsbook manager about the action shift:

“Last night we had the Democrats at -450 to win the election but saw non-stop action leading up to the debate on the Republicans getting over 3-1 on your money at +325, maybe expecting a strong performance by Mitt Romney. After the debate, which the consensus seems to be that Romney may have gained some ground there was quite a move on the odds with the Democrats currently at -300 and the Republicans down to +240 and even with the drop in odds we have only seen Republican money come in all morning.”

Kevin Bradley, Sports Book manager


2012 US Presidential Election – Winning Party

Democratic Party -300

Republican Party +240

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