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NCAA Football Wake Forest vs Clemson Analysis

October 25, 2012

Regular readers of Sportsbook Advisor know that we don’t like betting along aside the public on games. But that does not mean that you should never do it. Once in awhile there are times and circumstances when you must do so. For instance tonights game of Wake Forest vs. Clemson.  80% of the public is currently on Clemson. That is a huge number. But we cannot help but liking Clemson in the matchup tonight. It is true that Wake is 3-1 straight up at home. But two of those victories were against Liberty and Army and the loss was against Duke.  You can see the level of talent of the teams we are talking about here. They are nowhere near the talent level of a Clemson. Last week Clemson demolished Virginia Tech 38-17. Virginia Tech is a two touchdown better team than Wake Forest. So you can see our logic in liking Clemson here.

Sometimes the bet is all about value. You may not love a selection or even believe in it for that matter. But you have to bet value and that, in the long run, is what sports betting is all about. The Clemson -12.5 spread is a value play in that Wake will be chasing Clemson the whole game trying to catch up. You can bet the Wake faithful will be amped up tonight being featured on Thursday Night Football but we expect them to be deflated by the fourth quarter and can see Clemson winning by three touchdowns. Take Clemson.