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NFL Overtime: History and Betting

Scott Morris | November 29, 2012

For some reason, the games that go overtime have a special appeal; those games are a favorite topic for water-cooler conversation at work. It´s probably the fact that the fans at the stadium and the couch-potatoes at home stay glued to their seats expecting the adrenaline rush of one more touchdown. Or maybe it is the tension of the coach and players who feel the obligation of turning the game´s score to their favor in a last minute move. But, how often do we get to see an NFL game that goes to overtime? The answer is, more often that you´d think.

According to´s Trading Director Russ Candler, up to NFL Week 12 a total of 17 games have gone overtime. He added, “Some of the younger football fans don´t know, but back in 1974 the NFL enacted overtime in the pre-season and regular season to decrease the number of tied games. If you ask me, I think that was a very smart move because the sport won in terms of emotion and TV broadcasters capitalized in a positive way on the sports fan´s excitement”.

So overtime games are actually common. That´s interesting to know, especially considering that announced at the beginning of the regular season that the company will be refunding the stakes on spread bets lost during regular season overtime periods. If overtime games are not uncommon, then what´s the thinking behind the idea of said refunds? This decision has cost the company $137,022 according to company sources. Mr. Candler doesn´t feel bad about the lost profit: “We were looking for a promotion to really differentiate the sportsbook and set it apart in the industry and I think we did a good job at that. Being different has a cost and I think those bet refunds reflect very positively in our customers´ perception of the brand”.

I´m sure the clients agree with Mr. Candler. I would. Are you ready for some overtime trivia now?  Here you go: *

–          The Buccaneers have never scored an overtime touchdown.

–          The Vikings have allowed the most overtime touchdowns (10)

–          The Broncos and the Steelers have played the most overtime games in NFL history up to 2010 (40 games each)

–          From 1991-2003 the Patriots played in at least one overtime game every season (that´s 13 consecutive seasons!).

–          Here´s some bragging rights material for 49er fans: The 49ers have been able to win eight consecutive overtime games.


*Updated to 2011

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