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Two Sportsbook Complaints Received

January 4, 2013

We are actively following up on two sportsbook complaints we received this week. Both complaints have been reviewed and the next step of contacting the sportsbook has been initiated.

bookmaker7Four days ago we contacted, a sportsbook we have never heard of before. At first glance it appears they have used the same graphic style as industry heavyweight (SBA Rating C-).  Customer A says he has been waiting for a payout from Bookmaker7 for about a month and gets the run around when contacting them.  We sent them an email and have yet to receive a response on the matter.

Complaint number two involves a sportsbook we know all too well here at SBA. (SBA Rating D-). This is a sportsbook with a highly troubled past and they fail to return our emails every single time. Customer B says ” I have two withdraws that I have not been paid for from that were made on November 19 2012 for $1083.51 and $2,500.”

We have emailed and are waiting for a response. Both of these matters will be followed up in our daily news releases and will be used to ultimately calculate rating scores for both sportsbooks.

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