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New Sportsbook Complaints and Rating Changes

Scott Morris | January 15, 2013

This week we have some verified complaints to publish and the according rating changes or initiations.

Complaint #1. Player requests withdrawal end of last year for $730. Player still has not received funds. Contact efforts made by us have been ignored by the sportsbook.

Complaint #2. Player contacts us last month explaining that he cannot get a payout for his request. We have never heard of this sportsbook and do some research and it appears to be a flimsy “fly by night” business. An industry insider said “they all left, started their own thing, and taking in deposits, but don’t pay because they count on the player to lose.” He also added he’s “heard from a lot of people that all the workers are splitting the profits weekly until they have no more deposits coming in. You will never get paid” he said because “when you win, they weasel around from paying you.”

Bookmaker7 is entered into the rating guide at F Rating and added to the sportsbook blacklist and a scam warning is issued to keep potential victims away from them.

Complaint #3. This complaint involves a long time player at This person has been with them since 2003. The company gave this player a small bonus free play with a rollover. The player proceeded to work the free play up to $250 and meet the rollover requirements. They then requested the funds and were told that due to new ownership they could only request $100. And then they were told that they could only do that after they deposited another $100! This is clear scam behavior. We have tried to contact regarding this complaint and they do not respond. This complaint coupled with complaint #1 gives us no choice but to lower their rating to F and add them to the sportsbook blacklist.

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