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34 Charged with Operating Illegal Sports Betting

April 13, 2013

34 individuals were charged this week with conducting an illegal sports betting operation. The defendants were connected to Legends Sportsbook located in Panama City Panama. Legends opened in 2003 and  has, according to U.S. authorities, taken in over $1 Billion in bets since that time.

Legends has been rated “A” and “A+” the entire time they have been online. We have not changed the rating of Legends Sportsbook at this time because there are no outstanding non payments and they are still operating customer service and posting lines. However, we suggest there may be a “run on the bank”. The current future of this sportsbook is unknown and we suggest using caution when considering doing business with this company until more is known.

For more here is a CNN article:

Feds bust billion-dollar sports betting ring, dozens charged