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BetOnline Upgraded to A Rating, Added to Top SB List

Scott Morris | April 13, 2013

mobile-bigBetOnline has been around for quite some time so you may know a thing or two about them.  They are located in Panama City, Panama.  They handle large amounts of betting action on basically every major sporting event world wide. BetOnline has a downloadable Betting Client Program which is a nice module to have for the serious bettor.  BetOnline also has Android, Blackberry and IOS capable apps available.  They have been mentioned or at least featured on Yahoo, NBC, ESPN, USA Today as well as many other news organizations.

Live betting is a popular option with BetOnline players.  You can bet “in game” on many of the top sporting events.

Last year BetOnline completed the purchase and take over of Since that time has been on a fast track to a top rating. They are currently at a “B rating” and were in the dumps at a “D- rating” when the buyout occurred.

Check out now or see our ratings and review page of BetOnline now for more information.

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