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Mobile Betting Platforms

Scott Morris | April 16, 2013

If you are an online sportsbook and/or casino and are serious about customer satisfaction as well as the bottom line, you must have a mobile phone App. The two most important platforms for mobile Apps are Iphone (iOS) and Android. But the Windows and Blackberry platforms are coming along as well. As many as half of all online sportsbook/casino users access, or at least try to access, their favorite betting site with their mobile device(s), whether it be mobile phone or tablet.

Two ways companies go about doing this is to build a mobile App from scratch (all custom coding) or they will use an existing platform and personalize its look and feel for their particular sportsbook/casino.  Either way they go, they should make sure that ease of use and security are the most important aspects. It should be as basic as possible and as safe as possible.

betfredRecently, Sportsbook BetFred (Rating B+) has announced the launch of their own “in-house” App which they built from the ground up.  Their new custom software replaces their old “Mfuse” software and is being test limited to 5,000 customers this week.

BetFred’s developer Andy Daniels:
“We’re probably better on mobile than we are online and that’s because we’ve invested in the people and skill set to be able to do it ourselves. Having our own platform means we can punch above our weight. ”

Most of the sportsbook Apps you see are hosted on the site itself vs. having an App icon saved to your phone. You simply type in the domain name to your browser and there is a code within their homepage that will detect what device you are using and prompt you if you would like to use their mobile site or not.

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