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Sportsbook Owner Found Dead

April 24, 2013

Co Owner of WSEX (World Sports Exchange) Sportsbook Steve Schillinger was found dead in his Antiguan apartment Friday according to the Antigua Observer. Cause of death was one gunshot wound to the head.  Authorities suspect suicide but the investigation is not complete.

Schillinger was co owner of WSEX a sportsbook that closed its doors last week after years of insolvency. WSEX was downgraded to F and placed on the Sportsbook blacklist back in 2011.

Last week when WSEX members tried to log into the site they received this message:


Dear WSEX customer,

We have been forced to halt business activities at this time due to inadequate capitol resources. The financial position of the company is currently under review and we will keep you informed as to the future plans for WSEX and the repayment or transfer of your balances.

We sincerly (sic) apologize for this unfortunate situation and will be doing everything we can to rectify it as soon as possible.

-WSEX Management