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2014 NBA Championship Odds

Scott Morris | June 21, 2013

After last night’s big win for the Miami Heat the players want to relax and mend all injuries and spend time with their families on vacation.  For Oddsmakers there is no rest. They have released the 2014 NBA Championship odds.  Despite many question marks for the Miami Heat offseason they are favored to win it all again.  The major players for the Heat should be playing their roles next year and so that makes them favorites.  Other teams have major question marks too and as a result are further down the list. Will Tim Duncan retire?  Can the Thunder stay healthy? There is no telling. Spoiler alert: The Bobcats are odds on favorites to be the worst team in the NBA.

Heat +230
Thunder 9/2
Bulls 6/1
Spurs 7/1
Clippers 10/1
Rockets 10/1
Pacers 15/1
Grizzlies 20/1
Lakers 20/1
Knicks 22/1
Warriors 22/1
Nuggets 25/1
Nets 30/1
Mavericks 30/1
Celtics 50/1
Hawks 75/1
Wolves 100/1
Bucks 100/1
76ers 100/1
Blazers 100/1
Jazz 100/1
Pelicans 150/1
Cavaliers 150/1
Kings 150/1
Wizards 200/1
Raptors 200/1
Suns 300/1
Pistons 300/1
Magic 400/1
Bobcats 500/1

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