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2014 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

June 25, 2013

If you were watching  Game 6 of the NHL Finals last night you saw an amazing comeback and win by the now champion Chicago Blackhawks. With little more than a minute left on the clock they tied the game at 2 apiece then proceed to score another goal just seconds later for the win.  The 2014 odds are posted today and of course are subject to change. Odds provided by Bovada

Odds to win the 2014 Stanley Cup

Pittsburgh Penguins 13/2

Chicago Blackhawks 15/2

Boston Bruins 9/1

St. Louis Blues 12/1

Los Angeles Kings 14/1

Vancouver Canucks 14/1

Detroit Red Wings 16/1

New York Rangers 16/1

San Jose Sharks 16/1

Anaheim Ducks 20/1

Toronto Maple Leafs 25/1

Washington Capitals 25/1

Montreal Canadiens 28/1

Carolina Hurricanes 33/1

Edmonton Oilers 33/1

Minnesota Wild 33/1

New York Islanders 33/1

Ottawa Senators 33/1

Philadelphia Flyers 33/1

Colorado Avalanche 40/1

Columbus Blue Jackets 40/1

Nashville Predators 40/1

New Jersey Devils 40/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 40/1

Winnipeg Jets 40/1

Buffalo Sabres 50/1

Calgary Flames 50/1

Dallas Stars 50/1

Phoenix Coyotes 50/1

Florida Panthers 100/1