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Bet Revolution Sportsbook Downgrade

June 28, 2013

Early this week we were contacted by a client of Bet Revolution Sportsbook stating he has been owed $2105 for 3 months. The customer said he understood that bank wires sometimes take longer and he was patient but now his patience was running out.

At SBA we have had nothing but great feedback about Bet Revolution and even added them as a top rated sportsbook after great feedback and conversing with their management. It has been two years of good feedback and operations for them. We contacted the management thinking this was an oversight and they would clear up right away. We have yet to hear back from Bet Revolution in the four days since we first attempted contact and in the meantime have received another complaint this time for $900.

For fear that this may be a sign of things to come we must remove Bet Revolution from the Top Sportsbooks list and downgrade them to B status. If the complaints persist and we do not hear from them the downgrades will escalate.