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Manziel and SEC Odds

Scott Morris | September 3, 2013

“Thankfully things are more back to normal when it comes to College Football now that Manziel will be playing this season. It makes my life a bit easier as we are now able to offer as much as we can regarding him and the Aggies. Texas A&M’s odds, which were as high as 18/1 following the news that he was being investigated, have now fallen back into place at 10/1 and have pushed Alabama back to 11/4 from 5/2. Manziel’s Heisman odds have also seen a drop-off from 12/1 earlier this week to 7/1 currently. Interestingly, there is not as much money coming in on him as there was months ago when he was a clear favorite at 9/2. I guess the love and hype surrounding him on the football field is not as powerful as it once was and has had an effect on how bettors are betting on this award.”

Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager,


2013 Regular Season – Total Wins – Texas A&M Aggies

Over 9½ (EVEN)

Under 9½ (-130)


Odds to win the 2013-2014 Southeastern Conference

Alabama 1/1

Georgia 7/2

Texas A&M 7/2

South Carolina 11/2

Florida 10/1

LSU 12/1

Ole Miss 25/1

Tennessee 50/1

Vanderbilt 50/1

Missouri 66/1

Arkansas 75/1

Auburn 75/1

Mississippi State 75/1

Kentucky 100/1


Odds to win the 2013-2014 Southeastern Conference – West Division

Alabama 1/2

Texas A&M 3/1

LSU 11/2

Ole Miss 10/1

Arkansas 33/1

Auburn 33/1

Mississippi State 33/1

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