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2013 World Series Odds, Props and Quote

Scott Morris | October 21, 2013
“I am more than happy the Red Sox were able to hold off the Tigers and get into the World Series since they are the team that would provide us with the biggest win possible out of any team that made the playoffs in our World Series Odds. Boston are small 5/7 favorites against St. Louis paying out at 6/5 and 60% of the early money is on the Cards making our need for Boston to win even bigger.”
-Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager,
Odds to win 2013 World Series
St. Louis Cardinals (Series Prices)6/5(+120)
Boston Red Sox (Series Prices)5/7(-140)
Odds to win the 2013 World Series MVP
David Ortiz (BOS)15/2
Dustin Pedroia (BOS)8/1
Carlos Beltran (STL)9/1
Matt Holliday (STL)10/1
Yadier Molina (STL)12/1
Allen Craig (STL)12/1
Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS)12/1
John Lester (BOS)12/1
Adam Wainwright (STL)14/1
Michael Wacha (STL)15/1
Matt Carpenter (STL)15/1
Mike Napoli (BOS)15/1
Clay Buchholz (BOS)15/1
Koji Uehara (BOS)15/1
Xander Bogaerts (BOS)16/1
David Freese (STL)18/1
Trevor Rosenthal (STL)18/1
Matt Adams (STL)20/1
Shane Victorino (BOS)20/1
Stephen Drew (BOS)25/1
Exact Series Result
St. Louis Cardinals 4-012/1 (+1200)
St. Louis Cardinals 4-16/1(+600)
St. Louis Cardinals 4-25/1(+500)
St. Louis Cardinals 4-35/1(+500)
Boston Red Sox 4-010/1(+1000)
Boston Red Sox 4-16/1(+600)
Boston Red Sox 4-27/2(+350)
Boston Red Sox 4-34/1(+400)
Total Games in Series
Over4½1/9 (-900)
Under4½ 11/2(+550)
Over5½10/21 (-210)
Under5½ 17/10(+170)
Over6½ 7/4(+175)
Under6½ 20/43(-215)
Series Spreads
St. Louis Cardinals-1½ 11/5(+220)
Boston Red Sox+1½ 5/14(-280)
St. Louis Cardinals-2½ 15/4(+375)
Boston Red Sox+2½ 2/11(-550)
St. Louis Cardinals+1½ 1/2(-200)
Boston Red Sox-1½ 8/5(+160)
St. Louis Cardinals+2½ 2/9(-450)
Boston Red Sox-2½ 13/4(+325)
Player Props
Most Hits, Runs and RBI’sin the Series
Matt Carpenter (STL)10/11(-110)
Jacoby Ellsbury (BOS)5/6(-120)
Matt Holliday (STL)20/23(-115)
Dustin Pedroia (BOS)20/23(-115)
Yadier Molina (STL)10/11(-110)
Mike Napoli (BOS)5/6(-120)
Carlos Beltran (STL)10/11(-110)
David Ortiz (BOS)5/6(-120)
Matt Adams (STL)20/21(-105)
Shane Victorino (BOS)4/5(-125)
Game 1 Strikeouts
Adam Wainwright
Over / Under 6.5
Jon Lester
Over / Under 5
MLB WORLD SERIES SPECIAL – Which team will hit more Home Runs in the Series?
St. Louis Cardinals +150
Boston Red Sox -200
MLB WORLD SERIES SPECIAL – Which team will record more errors in the Series?
St. Louis Cardinals -120
Boston Red Sox -120
MLB WORLD SERIES SPECIAL – How many times will Shane Victorino be Hit by Pitch in the Series?
Over 1 (EVEN)
Under 1 (-140)
MLB WORLD SERIES SPECIAL – Will any player or manager be ejected during a game in the Series?
Yes +150
No -200
MLB WORLD SERIES SPECIAL – Will any team get shutout in the Series?
No -140
MLB WORLD SERIES SPECIAL – Will there be a Grand Slam in the Series?
Yes +300No -500

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