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Odds to win the 2014-2015 College Football Championship

Scott Morris | January 9, 2014

“It was a stressful night as we were pretty much all in on FSU, needing them to win the game because of our tremendous exposure on our BCS Future Odds and on the Auburn money-line, and I have to say I slept well.  However, there’s no time to rest as I spent all morning calculating next year’s College Football Championship odds. It has been more of a challenge this time around due to some key players still undecided on the NFL Draft and also the new playoff system which is still a little obscure. Therefore, some teams who would normally stand little chance may be able to sneak in. I expect these odds to move over the next few days quite a bit based on those factors.”

-Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager,


Odds to win the 2014-2015 College Football Championship  


Florida State                  11/2

Alabama                       13/2

Stanford                        9/1

Ohio State                     10/1

Oregon                          12/1

Auburn                          14/1

Michigan State              20/1

Oklahoma                     20/1

Clemson                       25/1

Florida                          25/1

Georgia                         25/1

LSU                              25/1

South Carolina               25/1

Texas A&M                   25/1

UCLA                            25/1

Baylor                           25/1

Notre Dame                   33/1

USC                             33/1

Wisconsin                     40/1

Oklahoma State             40/1

Missouri                        40/1

Iowa                              40/1

Louisville                       50/1

Miami                           50/1

Michigan                       50/1

Nebraska                      50/1

North Carolina                50/1

Texas                           50/1

Oregon State                 66/1

Washington                   66/1

Mississippi                    66/1

Arizona State                66/1

UCF                              66/1

Arkansas                      100/1

Arizona                         100/1

Boise State                   100/1

Boston College              100/1

BYU                             100/1

California                       100/1

Cincinnati                      100/1

Georgia Tech                 100/1

Kansas State                100/1

Mississippi State           100/1

Pittsburgh                     100/1

Rutgers                         100/1

South Florida                 100/1

TCU                              100/1

Tennessee                    100/1

Virginia Tech                 100/1

West Virginia                 100/1

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