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Super Bowl XLVIII: Who Should I Put My Money On?

January 31, 2014

Sports wagering isn’t anything that’s particularly new to us in this modern day and age. Everybody and their second cousin has been in some sort of sports bet, whether it was a hockey game or a round of golf; there’s always money to be made when the stakes are high. The stakes couldn’t any higher when it comes to football and the Super Bowl, the Super Bowl is usually the event that draws in the most revenue and publicity for the National Football League itself and is celebrated like a holiday throughout North America.

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes to play the point spread, or even the kind of person who prefers a straight up win-lose bet scenario, the Super Bowl gives you the opportunity to make all kinds of moves. With a bunch of different categories to look at, there are tons of attributes for you to take into account before you make your decision.  It’s important to know that most wagering companies require the players to actually start the game if you’re betting on single-person statistics. Things like the amount of yards that the very first touchdown was thrown for could win you a decent amount of cash. Single statistics can be a road to travel down if you’re the type who likes to take risks amongst other things, as these wagers are usually a lot harder to manage when it comes to game time.

For example, Eric Deckers’ total reception count is estimated to be 4 and 1/2, it’s up to you to decide whether he’s going to go over that (-140) or under the approximate amount of receptions (+110). Bovada is the perfect place to start if you love wagering on the more exotic odds like the coin toss or even who’s going to throw the first touchdown pass between the two quarterbacks.

The best thing about betting on the Super Bowl is the simple fact that any body has the chance to win big. The people who tend to live “outside of their comfort zone” usually have the best results in the end, after all football is about drastic moments that change the game. If you honestly feel like Russell Wilson is going to score a rushing touchdown (best price is at +350), then go with your gut. We are actually taking Russel Wilson to score a rushing TD so it is something for you to consider as well.  It’s the odds that don’t play in your favour that could help you end up with the larger side of the stick. The whole point of making these bets is to come out on top, and there’s no better way to keep things fresh and exciting (as well as maximizing your chances) by wagering outside of the box. Point spreads and such are good and all, but there’s a lot more to sport betting during the Super Bowl than that.

Wager pools with your friends or family is all good fun, but there’s nothing better than expanding your horizons and getting into the big boy styles of betting. Another way to handle sports betting is to simply find your way to Las Vegas and let the gambling mecca take a hold of your tethers and ride you as it pleases! The most efficient way of sports betting these days would have to be online, whether you prefer to use a landbased sportsbook or online sportsbook is solely up to you. There are plenty of other sites that offer different lines and odds/spreads, but for the most part has the best bonus for those looking to maximize their profits.

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