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Taking Your Chances With The Super Bowl

February 1, 2014

Like any other sport that we have come to know and love, football has one final game at the end of it’s season to wrap things up. This game not only crowns the champion of the league, but it allows for teams to see who is truly “the best of the best”. The Super Bowl has become not only a marketing cornerstone for the NFL, but a way of life for those who live and breath football. Every single winter the fans and friends of football colleagues around the world put money on the line to see if their favourite team is going to come out on top. The point spread itself favours the Broncos because of Mannings explosive offensive dialect. The Over/Under is 47, and the spread is -2.5 for Denver (

There are tons of different things to look at when it comes to betting on the Super Bowl, it isn’t just about the game itself any more. What we mean by this is that the score at the end isn’t the only thing that matters these days, there are plenty of other things to keep in your mind when considering placing a wager. Some people love to bet on the outcome of the coin toss itself, which is rather common because it’s a 50/50 bet right at the beginning of the game. If they aren’t betting on the coin toss, some people can even find themselves betting on the length of the national anthem (at this point it only gets longer as the years fly by). As if that weren’t enough, there are even bets that will determine how many times a coach is going to challenge the play on the field per game. It’s quite out of this world, but if it’s on the lines then people are going to play it!

Obviously the outcome of the game itself is incredibly important, but prop bets allow for us to keep the wagering a bit more exciting than it usually would. If all we had to bet on was the score at the end of the game, people wouldn’t find as much enjoyment in the fact that they did so. There’s even a line to bet on how many times Manning will yell the word “Omaha” during the snap (which currently sits at 27.5 over @ -135, Under 275 @ -105). Peyton Manning is said to be a bit “soft” when it comes to playing in colder weather, and the Super Bowl just so happens to call for exactly that. The Seahawks have been in gruesome, snow-filled battles on the turf before, Russell Wilson is a great QB when it comes to throwing with wind, how will it impact the game?

The Denver Broncos are matching up head-to-head with the Seattle Seahawks in this Super Bowl, which should make up for a pretty hectic assortment of plays. Things to consider wagering on would definitely be the amount of interceptions The Legion of Boom can manage against Peyton Manning (if any at all!), while the line of Peyton Mannings’ touchdown count could be another good one to look at. All in all, it’s up to how you’re feeling when it comes to placing wagers. If you’re feeling lucky, you’re going to go with some of the more outrageous ones to try and make it worth your while. I don’t know about you, but timing the exact finish of the national anthem is a pretty difficult task to manage. This is a match up for the ages at quarterback, considering the past 4 Super Bowls have sported QB’s as their MVP’s (most valuable players).

So, all in all, remember to have fun when you’re considering placing a bet or two for the Super Bowl. It’s all about having fun, but it’s even more about making some money in the process. If you’re looking to jazz up your Super Bowl party a little bit consider introducing your own little wager pool into the mix. If that isn’t enough, consider placing a few prop bets and see how it plays out. You never know, you might find yourself sitting on a pile of gold by the end of the game!

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