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5 Surefire Ways to LOSE at Sports Betting

February 27, 2014

I always focus on how to win at sports betting, so I figured why not try something different for a change. The purpose of this post is to make you aware of the common mistakes so many sports bettors make. There are 5 mistakes I see losing sports bettors make. Each mistake will cost you dearly (so don’t make them!)…

Buying Into Public Hype

We all know the teams the media hypes up every year. Those are the teams that the general public automatically assumes are the best teams. The media hypes up the teams with the largest fan bases and biggest national appeal because that is what sells. They are catering to those fan bases. Because the general public is so in love with the teams hyped by the media, they tend to be favored more often than what they really deserve. Just because the media claims a team is unbeatable doesn’t mean they actually are.

Chasing Your Money All the Way to the Unemployment Line

Professional sports bettors will tell you a smart bettor is a consistent, level headed bettor. You absolutely cannot let emotions take over your ability to think logically. If you’re on a string of bad luck…so what? Deal with it. Don’t try to win it all back on one game. There are no guarantees in sports. Games we are confident in don’t always go the way we expected. Funny things such as crazy upsets and fluke plays cost bettors money all the time. Your “lock” isn’t a lock until the game is over. Instead of trying to chase your losses by making a big play, just be patient and wait the bad streak out.

Making Uneducated Bets

Are you actually paying attention to the teams, their trends, recent history, match-ups, etc? If not, you’re just taking random guesses when placing your bets. In the long run, you can’t win like this. You need to know the teams and the match-ups, know how well each team performs ATS, how well they match-up against their opponent, etc. Be an informed bettor. You can beat the sportsbooks simply by knowing more about the teams and match-ups better than the general public does.

You Think That Guy Claiming to Win 90% of the Time is Honest

If I won 90% of the time, I would never share my picks with anyone. I would simply head straight to the sportsbook and wager thousands of dollars on each game over and over again. Then I would build multiple mansions and purchase a private jet. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to win 90% of the time. You can’t even come close to that. So when you see an ad on television to call some 900-number and pay $8.99 for a “lock”, save your money. You know the saying, “those who can’t do, teach”? Well, that applies here. These alleged “90% winners” are scams. Don’t buy into them. Handicap the games on your own or have someone you trust handicap the games for you.

Wagering on Your Favorite Teams Because You “Have a Hunch”

I get pretty fired up when my favorite teams play. But I never bet on them because I know I can’t be objective. Sometimes my heart is telling me “tonight we are going to play our best game ever”, but my head knows I should refrain from wagering on my team because I really don’t know they’re going to play their best game ever. Bet with your head, not your heart. If you’re one of the few that can be objective about your favorite team, go ahead and bet on them when you think they are going to cover. I just can’t do it.

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