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Weekend NBA Betting Preview

April 1, 2014

The sense of urgency felt by Eastern Conference teams to slot themselves properly for the playoffs is only mounting as the days go by and April arrives. This is a big-league pressure-packed situation in the Association, and various competitors have to make it count. Brought to you by Wagerweb Sportsbook

NBA Basketball: Washington Wizards @ New York Knicks – Friday

The Washington Wizards have managed to stay above the break-even mark in recent weeks. The Wizards were expected to make the playoffs, and that’s what they’ve managed to do in the 2014 season. Their record was not supposed to be spectacular. Just making the playoffs was supposed to be the goal, and the Wizards have achieved it. Now, Washington wants to hang onto the sixth seed in the East so it can avoid playing Miami or Indiana in the first round. New York, meanwhile, is trying to chase down the Atlanta Hawks for the eighth and final playoff berth in the East. Bet Now

NBA Basketball: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat – Sunday

The Knicks, after playing Washington at home, will have another challenge in front of them on Sunday when they visit Miami for an afternoon game that will be nationally televised. New York has to be on point and ready to play one of its best games of the season. The Knicks beat Miami at home much earlier in the season, but Miami should definitely hold the advantage now. New York has to be able to put bad habits in the rearview mirror. Bet Now

NBA Basketball: Atlanta Hawks @ Indiana Pacers – Sunday

The Hawks, who are competing with the New York Knicks for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, face their own challenge on Sunday. While New York goes to Miami, Atlanta plays the team that’s battling the Heat for home-court advantage throughout the Eastern Conference playoffs. Atlanta is a weak team without big man Al Horford. The Hawks have to be able to make up the difference against the Pacers by defending the perimeter and hoping that Indiana will shoot an unusually low percentage from three-point range. Bet Now