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Sportsbook Scam Warning Issued

Scott Morris | April 9, 2014

It was published here months ago that a site called had ripped off some people. They made their site look much like the more reputable (Rating C-).  They then proceeded to steal peoples money. We wrote in to that company to help try to resolve the issues for the complainants. Bookmaker7 never replied. We had no choice but to enter them into our rating guide at F Rating.

saigonbetYesterday, it was brought to our attention by one of the victims of Bookmaker7 that a sportsbook named is online and has the same exact rules page as bookmaker7. Upon further research we found the “who is” information to be the same as well. This means they are the same company. We are issuing a warning for players to avoid these two companies and enters our rating guide at F Rating.

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