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10 Best Pro Sporting Events to Wager On

May 20, 2014

Whether you are a casual sports bettor or a professional, there are certain pro sporting events in the US each year that you just have to wager on. These events are must-see TV even for the casual sports fan. But they become even more entertaining if you have money on the line:

1.Super Bowl

Well, duh! The Super Bowl is the most heavily bet sporting event in the world. The Super Bowl is more than just a championship football game. It is basically a national holiday. From a bettor’s perspective, Vegas offers hundreds of prop bets on Super Bowl Sunday. You can wager on anything from the over/under to the color of the Gatorade doused on the winning coach.

2.Kentucky Derby

Don’t care much for horse racing? You still must get in on the action the first Sunday of May. The Kentucky Derby is a horse race filled with tradition. Legendary horses and jockeys have made their mark at Churchill Downs. Spend your Kentucky Derby day at the local racetrack. It’s an awesome atmosphere.

3.World Series

Baseball is still America’s past-time, not past its time. The World Series doesn’t draw the TV ratings the Super Bowl does, but it’s still worth watching and wagering on. Even if your team isn’t a part of the World Series, pick a side and let it ride!

4.NBA Finals

From the days of Bill Russell to the days of LeBron James, the NBA Finals is an annual event certain to excite even the most casual basketball fan. Just like the World Series, the NBA Finals is a best of 7 event which means you have at least 4 opportunities to wager.

5.NFL Playoffs

The Super Bowl isn’t the only heavily wagered on NFL postseason event. The first 3 rounds of the NFL Playoffs are worth watching and wagering. The playoffs are packed with competitive games. There are opportunities to make money.


A tradition unlike any other. Or something like that. The Master’s is the most heavily wagered on golf event each year and for good reason. Many of the most legendary golf moments occurred at Augusta National. Make your legendary golf moment by winning big!

7.Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup Finals are watched by many people that don’t normally watch hockey. This is a must-watch event even though hockey clearly is more entertaining in person. Hockey is a difficult sport to bet, so proceed with caution. But if you know the sport well, there is money to be made.

8.Thanksgiving Day NFL Games

If you’ve had enough turkey and can’t stand to listen to anymore stories from your Uncle Bob, get in on the NFL action on Thanksgiving Day. Football games are a great way to escape annoying family members. Even better when you have money riding on the line.

9.World Series of Poker

Okay, so poker isn’t technically a sport. However, the World Series of Poker is an awesome event to enter if you have $10,000 (or less for the smaller events) to buy into the Main Event. The WSOP takes place in Las Vegas starting at the end of May each year and lasts until the Main Event in early July.

10.Daytona 500

I had to throw a bone to all of you NASCAR fans! I’m not a NASCAR guy, but I do understand the passion and pageantry of the Daytona 500. The sport’s top race attracts big crowds and big dollars at the sportsbook. Each year, the Daytona 500 is the one NASCAR race I put at least a few bucks on.