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2014 MLB Postseason Preview and Predictions

September 30, 2014

Now that the 2014 Major League Baseball season has concluded, it’s time to get ready for the playoffs. The playoffs start on Tuesday night with the Kansas City Royals hosting the Oakland A’s in the American League Wild Card game. The winner will meet the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in the ALDS. In the national league, Pittsburgh travels to San Francisco for the Wild Card game. The winner earns a ticket to Washington DC to face the Nationals in the NLCS.

Major League Baseball’s regular season doesn’t attract as much gambling action as the NFL. But now that it is playoff time, the heavy bettors will ready to throw down some cash on the big games. Want to get in on the action? Great! Let’s take a look at the games and betting odds:

National League Odds to Win Pennant

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (2/1)
  • Washington Nationals (21/10)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (17/4)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (13/2)
  • San Francisco Giants (13/2)

American League Odds to Win Pennant

  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (2/1)
  • Detroit Tigers (11/4)
  • Baltimore Orioles (3/1)
  • Oakland A’s (6/1)
  • Kansas City Royals (7/1)

Odds to Win World Series

  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (5/1)
  • Los Angeles Dodgers (5/1)
  • Washington Nationals (11/2)
  • Detroit Tigers (6/1)
  • Baltimore Orioles (13/2)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (8/1)
  • Oakland A’s (11/1)
  • San Francisco Giants (12/1)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (14/1)
  • Kansas City Royals (16/1)

Previewing the American League Playoffs

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim had the best record in baseball this year but that doesn’t mean they will win it all. The loss of star youngster Garrett Richards hurts the rotation. The Angels have a potent offense but do not have any dominant starting pitchers.

The biggest story involves the Kansas City Royals making the playoffs. The Royals (89-73) will play their first post-season game since Game 7 of the 1985 World Series. The Royals are an interesting team. Because of reputation, they are considered least likely to win it all by Vegas. However, the Royals have an excellent pitching staff and speed. They are the type of team that can beat anyone with their outstanding bullpen.

Oakland completely collapsed in the second half of the season but they do have the starting pitching to beat anyone in a short series. My prediction is that Baltimore will win the AL pennant due to being the most complete team. Detroit has a great offense but their bullpen is a disaster.

Previewing the National League Playoffs

It’s hard to bet against Los Angeles. The Dodgers couldn’t get the job done in the playoffs last year but they’ll be a tough out this year. Clayton Kershaw put together one of the best seasons in history. I expect him to be unstoppable in the playoffs. Washington had the best record but they don’t have the most talent.

If Stephen Strasburg is dominant and Bryce Harper performs at a high level, Washington is going to be tough to beat, however. The Nationals have an excellent pitching staff and are strong defensively. They get enough offense from players like Anthony Rendon.

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