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NFL Kicks Off This Week with Hall of Fame Game

August 8, 2015

It is back! The NFL preseason will kick off on Saturday with the Hall of Fame game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The picks are tough to measure in these types of games. The first preseason game might have the starting quarterbacks play one or two series if that and then sit for the rest of the game.

Nevertheless, for football fans across the country, just knowing the NFL is back is enough for them. Before the game is played, there will be a ceremony at the NFL Hall of Fame on Saturday that will induct eight new people into the hall. Those eight include Ron Wolf, Bill Polian, Will Shields, Charles Haley, Mike Tinglehoff, Junior Seau, Tim Brown and Jerome Bettis. Congratulation to them all.

Each team is loaded with players and it is not easy picking a winner during any game of the preseason. The exception to that might possibly be week 3 as it has been a tradition in the past that coaches like to see their first squad play a large number of minutes in week 3 of the preseason giving them week 4 to rest and allowing those fighting for a job to be showcased.

Therefore, during the preseason, when betting, it is best to be in the know about the amount of playing time the starters will get.

For instance in today’s game, Minnesota will likely want to win this as their head coach Mike Zimmer likes to have his players up and ready for any game.

At the same time, Pittsburgh will likely be very cautious with their star signal caller Ben Roethlisberger.

The biggest thing to remember in this first preseason game as with every preseason game is to do your homework. Check injuries, check coaches comments on who will play, how long they will play and who will sit. That kind of knowledge goes a long way in helping to make the most educated pick possible in an NFL preseason game.