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Betfair Casino New Jersey Player Benefits

Scott Morris | April 27, 2016

Betfair Casino is one of the first online casinos to open their doors to American players, namely to the residents of New Jersey. New Jersey located players can now enjoy all the games and features of this fantastic casino platform and today we set out to find out what kind of benefits players on Betfair Casino can experience.

As the choice of online casinos to players in New Jersey is so limited, you will want to find out what these benefits are and certainly take advantage of them as they will give you a significant edge over playing in a live brick and mortar casino.

Betfair Casino is one of the finest European Casinos and for the European players they have always offered a fairly generous rewards program. Now that they have moved into New Jersey, player benefits had to be kept in mind and they certainly were, as Betfair Casino New Jersey offers several lucrative offers for its players.

The Free Welcome Bonus: When you first sign up to the Betfair New Jersey site you will be awarded a $10 free play bonus without making any deposits at all. While this is not a huge amount it is a very generous gift to every single New Jersey player out there and you will be able to test your favorite game without any risks and if you get lucky you may just end up freerolling your way to some serious cash.

Deposit Bonuses: If you do decide to deposit money into your Betfair New Jersey account you will be awarded a deposit bonus of 100% up to $300, giving you the opportunity to deposit just $300 and be able to play and test your luck with a $600 bankroll in total.

Comps: Once you start playing with real money at Betfair Casino New Jersey you will start earning player comp points. These comp points accumulate in your account and can be exchanged for free casino chips once you have accumulated enough, which is another way for Betfair Casino to award their most loyal players.

Aside from these fairly usual casino bonuses, Betfair also host regular promotions of all sorts, giving away prizes, comp points and cash through promotions, events and reload bonuses for the loyal VIP players.

Betfair Casino offers a wide range of deposits methods to its players and New Jersey players are now finally able to enjoy all the benefits of real money play at one of the world’s premier online casino websites.

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