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Shockey Subpoenaed in Drug and Gambling Probe

Scott Morris | May 10, 2016

Jeremy Shockey, the former tight end with the New York Giants was subpoenaed in a FBI gambling ring and drug probe that involves some of his close friends, a Miami television station announced on Monday.

Federal authorities visited the Miami penthouse of Shockey during February and after 20 minutes of questioning him over Owen Hanson, his friend, Shockey kicked the federal agents out of his home.

Just a week later Shockey, who is 35, was served with a subpoena to appear before the grand jury.

The Miami television station reported that the feds have an interest in the former tight end since he was quite close to Hanson, who has been accused of being the ringleader in a huge criminal operation that was a dealer of large quantities of heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy and methamphetamine.

Hanson is also said to have been involved in a huge illegal gambling operation that was based in the Central American country of Costa Rica.

Thus far, 22 people have been charged, including Derek Loville a former running back in the NFL, who was part of two Denver Broncos Super Bowl winning teams. He was charged with distributing the different drugs for Hansen.

The lawyer representing Shockey, said his client was not in the business with Hansen, did not know anything about the businesses operated by Hanson and he never visited Costa Rica with the intention of inspecting or betting in the gambling business Hansen operated.

The lawyer said that Shockey only thought the company had been a legal offshore gambling company, but no more.

However, an informant in this case claims that the involvement with Shockey went far deeper, and claimed he and his wife were terrorized by Shockey.

The informant said Shockey at one time handed over $1.5 million in cash to Hansen like it was $100. Shockey also liked to gamble quite often at different casinos.

In a text by Shockey, that the feds intercepted, he says that he had no knowledge of crimes and said to one person that he thought the case was s–t against Hanson.

No announcement has been made over possible upcoming charges against Shockey or anyone else at this time.

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