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Hollywood Sportsbook Down for Redesign

Scott Morris | August 20, 2016

Customers looking for the log in prompt at (Rating C-) today instead found a message that the sportsbook plans to be back in 48 hours after a redesign is put into place.

No word on what time exactly the sportsbook went down. Sportsbook Advisor will keep an eye on the situation and follow up. (formerly rose in rating all the way to A- rating with our rating guide back in 2011 before pulling out of the US market. They had some late and slow pays and enough of an inconsistent time that their rating was dropped to C-.

Update: 8/24/16 – Hollywood Sportsbook not even showing splash page anymore. It is just a broken links page at the moment.

Update: 8/25/16 – Hollywood taken over by BestCRIS/ company. News here:

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