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NBA Offer from A+ Intertops

Scott Morris | October 18, 2016

We like to write about any upcoming bonus that a reputable sportsbook is publishing. We keep our eyes peeled for the best bonuses on the web. Sports Betting isn’t the losing activity that some people try to make it out to be. It’s an even game with the only disadvantage is the fee that comes with placing the bet (called the vig or “juice”) The vig is usually and historically 10% but has been shrinking at many top shops online to 8% and even 5%. You literally could flip and coin and have an even chance of winning a football or basketball bet. And there aren’t any “green spots” like in Roulette. If you do your research, manage your bankroll and take advantage of good bonus offers you very well can win and be entertained at the same time. That’s what I have always loved about sports betting. Please remember, we do not take any bets of any kind at nor do we encourage people to do so if they have a gambling problem. We are here to publish information and opinions.

With that said, The sportsbook Intertops has released its upcoming NBA bonus. It’s actually one of the larger bonuses ever offered by this sportsbook. It’s a 50% deposit bonus that you can use and maxes out at $100 bonus money. The details are below including the promo code you will need:

Link: Intertops Sportsbook

Promo Code: NBASTART16


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