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Casino Games Alongside Sports Betting

Scott Morris | April 27, 2017

The first sports wager was accepted online in 1996 and since then the industry has grown significantly. The sports betting industry is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US alone and it has continued to grow each year since then. The range of betting options and information available mean that more and more people are moving online to place their bets. According to Globe Newswire, in 2015, more than 90% of sports betting was land-based, but this percentage will decrease annually with people’s growing preferences move to online betting platforms. Another reason why online betting platforms are growing in popularity is the option they provide to enjoy other real money games alongside sports betting.

More and more online casinos are launching sports betting products, while at the same time, more and more online sportsbooks are launching casino options. This trend recognises that many online gamblers enjoy variety and options. While their primary goal may be betting on their favourite sports team, between bets many punters look for a bit of a distraction or entertainment through online casino games. Online sportsbooks that offer casino games are now providing this option for their punters on a single site, with a single wallet. Players can skip between the sportsbook and the casino games with a click of the mouse, enjoying the variety this offers. This is convenient and simple and is becoming more common among online betting operators.

Players now have more options available than ever before with the ability to keep their casino play and sports betting separate or the opportunity to enjoy both types of gambling via a single site.

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