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Intertops Bonus Update

July 14, 2017

The vast majority of sportsbooks online will have a deposit bonus for players using Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is so easy to use and very cheap as well. So, when we tested Intertops (Rating A) today we were surprised they didn’t have any sort of reload bonus and that includes for bitcoin. Note: We had listed “50% BTC bonus” on our site this summer for Intertops.

When we contacted support and asked for any type of reload bonus they basically gave us a link to a page of bonuses, most of them were sign-up bonuses geared at new players. The other bonuses were what we call gimmick bonuses, or game bonuses. They have little caveats like “you must bet these parlays” or “you must bet on this game”. Remember those corny radio station giveaways? That is kind of what they remind me of.

The bonuses they do offer is a $20 sign up bet, a “choose your bonus sign-up bonus”, a “lose one leg of your parlay and get entered into a drawing, and finally a 50% of your “refer-a-friend” friend’s deposit.

When contacting customer support to make sure I wasn’t missing something, they assured me there was no reload bonus, just the gimmick bonuses and sign up bonuses on the bonus page.

For this reason I suggest to the players that like to reload that they may want to look elsewhere. Below is the copied and pasted chat:

Me: Hello , do I get a bonus for the deposit I just made? thanks
account_box Jahleel: Thank you for contacting Intertops, my name is Jahleel
How can I assist you today?
Me: Hi I just made a small deposit. Can you apply a bonus to that?
account_boxJahleel: I will be more than happy to look into that for you.
Are you playing in the Casino or Sportsbook?
Me: sportsbook
account_boxJahleel: Thank you for confirming. You can feel free to take advantage of our promotional offers posted on our website. For your convenience please see link below:
Me: dont you have a standard 50% bonus or something? I dont think any of the bonuses on that page apply to me.
account_boxJahleel: I’m sorry bur(sic.) we do not have any available bonuses in the Sportsbook at this time.
Me: LOL. OK, so you are the only sportsbook online that has no deposit bonus for BTC. I will make note of that. Thanks
account_boxJahleel: The only bonuses we have at this time are the ones posted on our website.
End Chat

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